Thoughts and Shivers re:Sex Robots


I enjoyed reading Louise Bak’s interview with Michael Sullivan for Toro magazine. I also mentioned his work in my last column for Neural. His work looks like a sweet miniature version of the Sadean spectacle. For instance, a female robot sits in front of her computer and has twin babies on her lap. Each of the babies is sucking one of her breasts while she scans the porn web. Sullivan explains the childish-creative impulse behind the robotic invention in Wired:“Making the movie is just like playing with dolls or playing with action figures.”Unless we can return to this infantile habit to play with inanimate objects, our post-human lovers will be lacking in aura and warmth.”

Happy Year of The Ox


A traditional Chinese paper cutting and a gift received from Sean H.Hsiao, who writes “The cutting in left side composed of flower peonies and vases, which means “Wealth” plus “Peace and safety” in Chinese language. And that’s the popular greeting words we love to say during New Years. The right side as you can see is oxen. Ox is a very important symbol in agricultural society. Traditional farmers and their family members usually don’t eat beef to show the respect to the animal that works hard for their plowland. (Even now there are many people in Taiwan and Mainland don’t eat beef.) Ox also has the magical power to expel evil spirits and diseases. I remember when I was a kid, I took the pills my mother gave to me, and it has a funny name “Yellow Bull”. Ha~ the elder generation believes that medicine with ox name can detoxicate the poison and bad sickness. And I wish you can be happy and healthy since the year of ox.”