Here is an overview of interviews, book reviews, documentation of talks:

SEPT 2019 Interviewed by Bloomberg Asia’s Josie Wong about the use of the meme Pepe the Frog in Hong Kong

OCTOBER 2018 (In Dutch) Interviewed on the Belgian Radio “Interne Keuken”  about Seks and far-right/alt-right activism, based on the lecture below.  

OCTOBER 2018 (In Dutch) Video of my lecture organized by Kifkif, and with afterword by Florian Cramer, on the “Sexual Fantasies and Frustrations of the Extreme Right,” followed by q and a with audience.

AUGUST 2018  Quoted in South China Morning Post about the Popularity  of Hentai Porn in Hong Kong, by Chermaine Lee

DECEMBER  2017 Book review of The Afterglow of Women’s Pornography in Post-digital China by Ling Tang in Screen Bodies 

AUGUST 2017 (In Chinese) Initium_august2017 Overview of my porn research by Lu Yang Joy, Photos by LamChunTung

DEC 2016 Book review of  The Afterglow of Women’s Pornography in Post-Digital China by Gemma Commane for Porn Studies

DEC 2016  Owen Churchill in Sixthtone about China’s online sex artists and entrepreneurs.

DEC 2016 Boy’s Love in Hong Kong and China research featured in the Swiss news magazine L’Hebdo (in French)

NOV 2016 Interviewed by Clement Burge for Swiss TV Nouvo about Sex Dolls in China (In French)

AUGUST 2016 Interviewed by China Daily (Hong Kong Section) about VR Porn in China

MARCH 2016 Interviewed by Louise Bak for Sex City Toronto

OCTOBER 2015 Cited in a story in the Economist about Chinese Online erotic literature and slash fictions.

AUGUST 2015 Book review and Interview with Charlotte Middlehurst in Time Out Shanghai/Beijing

JULY 2015 Book Review and Interview in Flamingo Shanghai of The Afterglow of Women’s Porn In Post-Digital China (June 2015) by Sam Gaskin.

JAN 2015 Leslie Anne Jones in Kernelmag about the “real” Chinese sex revolution and its relation to feminism.

JULY 2014 Interviewed by Christian Scheinpflug about pornography studies and superpower politics for the website e-international relations

AUG 2014 Arthur Tam about my research on Boy’s Love in Time Out Magazine.

MAY 2014 Interviewed by Didi-Kirsten Tatlow for the New York Times about the crackdown on the Boy’s Love subculture (danmei), or young Chinese women who write gay erotica stories

Review of People’s Pornography by Earl Jackson in The China Review, vol 13. no2 (2013)

Review of People’s Pornography by Lucetta Kam in China Information (2013)

Review of People’s Pornography by Giovanna Maina in Participations: Journal of Audience and Reception Studies, Vol 10.1, May 2013.

Clarissa Sebag-Montefiore in NYT times article about China’s “naked hipocrisy”

Research for People’s Pornography featured in  the French radio program France Culture, a special edition about sexuality and pornography in Indonesia, China and Egypt, January 2013. In French

Audiorecording of my talk for Transmediale Berlin 2010–Pornography, Paranoia and Patriotism!

Subashini Navaratnam reviews People’s Pornography in

Randy Malamud discusses sex 2.o and People’s Pornography in the Chronicle of Higher Education.

Peter Teffer blog and article for Wordt Vervolgd (Dutch Journal for Amnesty International–In Dutch)

Maria Manoli about my book and Chinese porn for

Chris Ip about my book and the website Adult Friend Finder in South China Morning Post, Nov 27 2011.

Lin Meilian about People’s Pornography and DIY porn in The Global Times, oct 2011.

Peter Foster about People’s Pornography and Confucian Confusion in The Telegraph, sept 2011

Sebastien Le Belzic about People’s Pornography in, jan 2012. In French

Robin Peckham review for Digicult, oct 2011.

Bergstrom Trends, a blog investigating consumer trends in new China, discusses my book in a news item on Chinese Youth and their reliance on pornography as sex education, oct 211.

Interviewed by Ronald Yick and Oiwan Lam for Global Voices Online sept 2011.

People’s Pornography in the Wall Street Journal (Beijing) sept 2011

Interviewed by James Griffith for August 2011

Interviewed by Paris Huang  for Voice of America (in Mandarin) July 2011

Interviewed by Sam Leese  for April 2011

Oct 2009, Time Out Hong Kong, the shortest interview ever.

Oct 2009 Time Out Hong Kong, mentioned in the sex issue.

Nov 2009, about Extraordinary Dresscode: Costuming and the Second Skin in Asia, Time Out Hong Kong.

July 2008, Inside Asian Netporn (Toro Magazine, Canada)

August 2001, Ned Rossiter Interviews Libidot, 2001

October 2001, Ned Rossiter Investigates Seizure of Sexy Flowers, 2001

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