Tai Hang Fire Dragon

Yesterday night the rain cleared and the fired dragon danced around  in the streets of old Tai Hang for many hours. People seemed very happy to carry the dragon (made of thousands of burning incense sticks) despite the unstable weather conditions earlier on. If you read about the history of the dragon below, you will understand why it was important for the dragon to chase away the squally typhoon air. This is a kind of powerful trance ritual that is hard to find in this glitzy city & hopefully will stay despite the  the real estate overhaul.

“Back in the days when land reclamation had not pushed the shoreline so far away, Tai Hang was a small fishing village with just a few hundred inhabitants. In 1880, a few days before the Mid-Autumn Festival, it was lashed by a powerful storm – some versions of this legendary story say a typhoon – that devastated the waterfront hamlet. Around the same time, a large serpent entered the village and was killed by some of the residents. Shortly afterwards, plague and cholera broke out in Tai Hang, leading to the deaths of over 10 individuals. One night, a village elder was visited in a dream by the Buddha – though, appropriately for an area home to a beautiful Lin Fa Kung (Palace of the Golden Flower) temple dedicated to her, some versions state the message came via Kwun Yum, the Goddess of Mercy – and learnt that the serpent beaten to death in Tai Hang had been none other than the son of the consequently wrathful Dragon King. As that aquatic monarch was afraid of fire, Tai Hang’s residents were instructed to make a fire dragon and dance through the streets with it. Which they promptly did and successfully rid themselves of both Dragon King and the diseases. And they have continued the ceremony with much gusto every year since – bar for the troubled times when Hong Kong was under Japanese occupation, and during the 1967 disturbances.””

Back in the days when land reclamation had not pushed the shoreline so far away, Tai Hang was a small fishing village with just a few hundred inhabitants. In 1880, a few days before the Mid-Autumn Festival, it was lashed by a powerful storm – some versions of this legendary story say a typhoon – that devastated the waterfront hamlet. Around the same time, a large serpent entered the village and was killed by some of the residents. Shortly afterwards, plague and cholera broke out in Tai Hang, leading to the deaths of over 10 individuals.

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Earthy and Dirty

I just arrived in Beijing at Renmin University where I will give a talk about animation fans and how they use alter egos and virtual siblings, or even entire imagined clans and families. I want to find out how and why they fantasize about alternative families and how they deal with pressures of the bio-family.

But what are the first impressions of Beijing coming from Hong Kong? Beijing is earthy and dirty. Hong Kong seems to have lost its sweat glands and body odors. Maybe it is just a cliche that in Beijing one smells wafts of urine everywhere (comparable to those in Paris and Brussels.) But certainly it is true and brings relief to see that people look more relaxed and “healthy”, grubby and chubby, moist and tanned.

Then I also brought with me my pale Hermina, who is is named after the sister of the philosopher Ludwig Wittgenstein.  She came with an electric guitar and I also got her a skate board. The doll brand is named Pullip and is made in South Korea as a competitor to the much bigger Japanese companyVolks or SD (Superdollfie) The CEO of Volks  (A Japanese man taking on German features) launched the fad of ball-jointed dolls as virtual siblings about a decade ago. When assembling and buying a “daughter” from Volks, one can go pick her up in Kyoto and she will be handed over to you in a Christian-like ritual of baptism. Yes, these strange fashions are the spiritual and chaste version of the sex doll. Actually, one can see that many of those daughters live  out the fetish dreams of their owners but the adult here is supposed to shut up and play.

So here she she is … my mean little Hermina. Yes, she does have an esoteric personality and those piercing blue eyes–that would a swift Korean business ideal.

Morph into Me, Gerrie Lim

I was just thinking that this blog may need a man, a male presence, or a male subject. Some people had already pointed it out to me and yes I agreed time to look for a male. I had already met Gerrie Lim a couple of times and knew that he had written several ground-breaking books about the porn and sex industries in LA and Singapore. Lim was born in Singapore but lived in Los Angeles for many years, where he wrote columns and articles about pornography, sex work, music & celebrity branding. He recently had moved to Hong Kong and we were introduced to each other by ex-TimeOut-journo Bourree Lam, who probably figured we were two curious spirits in the porn zone. Yes it can be lonely in that zone. I  bought and read Lim’s books Invisible Trade: High Class Sex for Sale in Singapore (Monsoon Books, 2004)  and In Lust we Trust: Adventures in Adult Cinema (Monsoon Books, 2006) and was very impressed. I recommend them highly as they are very pleasant and unusual at the same time. I am actually amazed by the amount of genuine and sex-positive information and compelling stories he has been able to pull from these different women. I personally prefer the book about escorts in Singapore because I could relate better to the stories about non-celebrities and their hidden affairs, maybe because this book is more critical of the Confucian orthodoxies that at times make me miserable in Hong Kong. Both books did an amazing job representing the everyday lives and aspirations of women involved in sex industries. Then recently he published Absolute Mayhem: Confessions of an Aussie Porn Star, (Random House, 2009) which is a memoir about his friend Monica Mayhem written in the first-person from her point of view.


I met with Lim a few weeks ago in an almost deserted pizza place in Times Square. We had a big booth all to ourselves and talked for several hours.  He showed me a column that he had written for the magazine Penthouse Variations  and a photography album of himself with different famous porn stars: including Asia Carrera, Monica Mayhem, and Nina Hartley. After 30 minutes or so into the conversation, I asked Gerrie why he spent so much time interviewing and adoring with sex workers. He told me that there were two answers to this question. The first asnswer was that the female voice is obviously underrepresented in most literature about sex workers. The second answer was that he thought he himself had been a famous Venetian courtesan in one of his previous lives. He also told me that he believed that I had a strong male presence and that this was maybe one of the reasons for us getting along.  At that moment it was hard to steer the interview. My gender morphing ghost had been quiet for quite a while but they then felt like coming out of the box. I was affected by his declaration right there and understood that he had really captured the intimate lives of his sex workers, maybe like nobody had done it before.  We talked on and on and were indeed morphing while exploring this new ground between us. 

He wrote me a few days ago and asked me to read an article by the famous sex blogger Violet Blue about women and pornography. I wrote back that I don’t believe in pornography for women but I like the concept of cross-voyeurism. I like to morph into different genders and viewing positions while peeking into the habits and tastes of others–other genders, other orientations, other fads. I belong to the Internet and like to eavesdrop on people and then depart. I like to enter domains that would be traditionally closed to me. He answered that he is likes that too and would like to talk more about the concept of cross-voyeurism. He then asked me how I would try that explain that concept in a “strictly Chinese” context.

Well, let’s see where we would go next with that, Gerrie Lim, my lewd sister, my demon brother!

First Interview With Siu Ding

Siu Ding agreed to be interviewed on January 10 in my small  apartment with view onto the grand city.  I try to understand people’s personalities by the way they go stand on my balcony and the awe they receive. Siu Ding immediately spent some time there and took a range of pictures with her polaroid camera.

20100109_3c5(Photo by Siu Ding)

She was accompanied by her collaborator Ada Hung who would speak for her whenever there was a 2 or 3 second silence. I asked Siu Ding if we could meet more then once, explaining that I might need more than one session to interview her. She replied on the phone that three sessions would be fine as well. She seems to understand how these things go. Siu Ding and Ada Hung walked into the apartment and took some time to check out my home space environment and all its intimate objects, paying detail to my dolls from various stages of real and fake childhood.  Both Siu Ding and Ada seemed to like my Belgian dolls. They are two home-knit country-style boys with their hands in their pockets. They are usually ignored by visitors because they are a bit out of fashion but they were actually made by a couple of friends of my grandmother.

siuding and ada

After we had dumplings with leek and pork, and Shanghai-style beef on fat transparent rice noodles, I started the interview about her work as an artists and erotic activist. She showed me a little flipbook that she had made during one of her art exhibitions at the Shek Kip Mei arts residency. It shows Siu Ding in a gallery surrounded by her many  portraits and slowly taking off her bra. It is one of the most delicious books that I have ever seen. I asked her why she likes to takes off her bra, as I had seen many (self) portraits showing her breasts, and she answered that she actually takes off anything she likes.

Siu Ding handmade book www.siuding.com

She likes to be nude or half-nude and she likes the post-industrial Hong Kong architecture as her artistic backdrop. In another serious of photographs, she is filmed totally nude in front of the many buildings (22) that she has lived in since childhood. It is an ambitious yet warm space that she creates in this project entitled ’22 Morning Street’, where she is cast as a tiny and almost invisible figurine who streaks and poses in front of  morphing urban sceneries.

Siu Ding reached her full digital fame when she acted in the nude for a music video by the local indie band Forever Tarkovsky Club. During the time of this video in december 2008, there was a rumour going around the city that this indie band would actually organize a half-naked christmas party in Foo Tak building in Wanchai. A journalist reported the rumor to the police and the party got cancelled in advance.

Siuding with instrument

We talked about this incident and many topics related to art, nudity, Internet culture and erotic activism.  What I remember today are her comments about what it means to receive support and feedback from Internet users. It is of course always pleasant to be discovered and receive out-of-bounds comments, but what counts even more is the sincere and forceful gestures that feed you but could not be spoken out loud. Of course some comments would be exactly the opposite as people just pay lip service to the latest fad, but overall many commentators do grab the opportunity to say something sweet&special while remaining at a distance. It is so powerful then to develop a personality based on these meaningful whispers of others that could scarcily be recognized  in the material world.  As always, the point of a good friendship or rich event (or a memorable fuck) is to try to capture these gestures into another space. This is not a nostlagic vision that favors the real parties of the past with their unique smells and colors, but wants to go forward. It is about taking our new feedback friends into new liminal zones of deep touch and embrace. Yes, feeling it in the second week of 2010, with all its promises of swan song and deep changes, I know now that it is possible.

::Venus about Katrien about Venus::

Venus is a student at Hong Kong University and was introduced to me by our common friend Shyla. First Venus started helping me with my research and generally showed enthusiasm for my projects and personality. Now we have evolved and can chat with each other in the dark morning hours or late at night, and sometimes even in the French language. We use each other as willing subjects and objects of our research. Venus wrote a paper about me for one of her classes.  Now I am writing about Venus in my new book about pornography and Internet culture.


(photo by Atomzi)

And several weeks ago, Venus invited people to write all over her school uniform in a performance art piece which took place during the opening of the exhibition ExtraordinaryDresscode:::The Rest of Us. She was wearing a traditional Chinese school uniform (Cheongsam style) and acted like a bored schoolgirl waiting to be distracted. She walked around in the gallery and convinced people to write messages on her uniform. We had thought out this concept together and went shopping for the uniform. It was challenging for us to deal with the personnel inside the school uniform store, as they could sense that I was not a real mom and they were afraid we would use the uniform to “party.” We were surrounded by hundreds of real moms who would swiftly give their instructions about their specific schools, sizes, and cuts (each school has a different uniform), then the moms would collect their kids’ uniforms and then get the hell out of there.  I wanted to get a uniform for Venus as well and finally we convinced the personnel to sell us the blue cheongsam-style school uniform that Venus used to wear in high school.

The last time we met again was during my interview of Venus for my new book, where we chatted again for several hours until the digital tape recorder ran out of memory. We went out to eat pizza and Venus suddenly tackled the the topic of age gap–concrete stories about her love for the much younger and the much older. And some level-headed analysis about these these concrete instances of a somewhat lopsided desire. And then we agreed there was something amazing about it all as she ran off to catch her yoga class.


(photo by katrien)

Raw Data Trailer

Raw Data – A Real Fake Document about Sex Researchers and their Hunting in Hong Kong.

Click the picture for the trailer:


Raw Data
is a short experimental fiction film that grew out of my research about Internet sex and collaborations with actors/actresses.

Dr. Nero Wong is famous amongst university students for his critiques of traditional Chinese morality and the monogamic marriage system. He is also interested in Internet sex and easily attracts people online through his dark and alluring alter ego character ‘Max.’ One day he bumps into one of his colleagues, Dr. Katrien Jacobs, who has just posted her naked pictures as ‘Lizzy Kinsey.’ Max and Lizzy thus get entangled in a quest for sexual raw data—the strange and obsessive sex adventures that are typical of the Internet generation.

在香港的學術界,Nero Wong 教授是一位出名的學者,他對中國傳統道德以及婚姻制度有出位的評論。對於成人交友網絡他有著同樣的興趣。在網上他化身為一個黑暗並且十分誘人的「Max」 來吸引獵物。一日他在網站遇見一位剛把自己裸照上載到網上的「Lizzy Kinsey」,其實亦是他的同事 Katrien Jacobs 教授。從此Max和Lizzy就一起收集第一手色情資料 —— 一些古怪離奇、令人著迷的網絡性愛經歷。

Jackie Chow as Dr. Nero Wong/Max
Yang Jing as Mrs. Fleur Chan/Butterfly
Daisy Fung as Poppy
KJ as KJ as KJ
27  mins, DVD-PAL, 2009

Urban Nomad Film Fest (Taipei) Goes Cos

My Japanese doll complex movie is playing in a film program about ‘Cosplay,’ (costume play or animation and J-rock fans who dress like their favorite characters) organized by the Urban Nomad Festival

bu hua poster_big girl_RED

Let me confess right here that my movie would have been a flop without the support of Sean Hsiao, who introduced me to the Kigurumi cosplayers and the mask-maker King Fabulous; who helped me get the rights to a song by the Taiwanese band Won Fu; who provided priceless info about Taipei’s sex zones; and who spotted “hidden” online student gossip when times were rough.

And thanks to Mia Chen also for being a partner in crime in the cos zone. Check out Mia Chen’s movies as well & don’t forget that we have a big related event coming up in Hong Kong in December 09 entitled

Extraordinary Dresscode: Costuming and the second Skin in Asia


Hong Kong Cosplayer Mizuki as ‘Marie Antoinette’ from

the Japanese shojo-manga ‘Rose of Versailles.’