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Fatal Beauties


Dedicated to the Beauty of Human Orgasm

Joanna Angel and Her Burning Angels

Erotic Storytelling by and for the Masses

Eon Mckai  

Dana Dearmond

Somewhere Between Art and Porn

Some artsy weird-ass porn

Young and artsy model-type girl

Young feminism in netporn

CANDY POSES: nude model 
Sexy Star with Body Hair



Nakkidnerds community run by Cloei

Anna The Nerd

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Morty Diamond Trannyfags

Queer and transgender indie

Lesbian porn collective ‘cyberdyke’

Lesbian Erotica, Book reviews, and Other Cool Stuff

Queer and transgender porn by Barbara de Genevieve and Terry Pirtle (archive)

Buck angel FTM porn star

Emilie Jouvet lesbian porn ‘One Night Stand’

Maria Beatty lesbian s/m porn

Phag off Collective Rome

Bears Dating sites

Silver Daddies

Online community for Gay Arabs and black gay in France and North Africa.

Gay Arab and Rascal Website

Bulls Newsgroup

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Audacia Ray ‘Waking Vixen’

Sex Kitten : Women and Pornography

Melissa Gira, web-based Woman of Pleasure

Regina Lynn Online

Mark Dery’s Shovelware

Tiny Nibbles

Girls Who Like Porno


Community Blog about the effects of 2257 on adult industry, the Internet and Society

Gram Ponante: The Porn Valley Observed

Pure Filth since 2003 because the internet was made for porn.


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Jane’s Net Sex Guide: Quality Reviews of Alternative Porn Sites and Movies

Politics, Sex and Tech news 1

Politics, Sex and Tech news 2

Smart, honest magazine on sex, with prose and fiction, andphotographs of naked people that capture more than their flesh.

Asian Sex Gazette

The Adult Video Industry Online


Conferences and Festivals

Art and Politics of Netporn

Porn Film Festival Berlin

Post Porn Politics Volskbuhne Berlin

Porn Ar(t)Ound the World, with afterword by curator

Adult Online Europe Trade Fair


(Net)Porn Research Initiatives

International Committee on the Rights of Sex Workers in Europe

The Berkman Center for Internet and Society at Harvard Law School

Feminists Against Censorship

Sexuality and the Internet Psychology: Bibliography

Censorship on the Internet: A Bibliography

Albert Benshop on cybersex, cyberporn, media  addiction, etc.

Sergio Messina  Realcore and Realblog

Sexual Content in Games

Harris Poll, ‘No Consensus Among American Public on the Effects of Pornography on Adults or Children or
What Government Should Do About It, According to Harris Poll:. oct 7. 2005

Kinsey Institute for Research in sex, Gender and Reproduction  website

The Philip Mak Shoujou-ai archive


Francesca da Rimini

Accidental Video Game Porn Archive

Artists and Cloning

Terre Thaemlitz

Isaac Leung

Tobaron Waxman

Tanya Bezreh

Zoot and Genant

Adam Zaretsky and Barbara Groves

Ian Haig

Vaginal Davis

Todd Verow

Annie Sprinkle
Bruce La Bruce


Liquid Generation: Pop Star or Porn Star

The Aphrodite (Sexworkers)Project

Sexmachines: Photographs and Interviews by Timothy Archibald 1

Sexmachines: Photographs and Interviews by Timothy Archibald 2

The Sex Machines Diaries

Home-Made Sex Toys


Social Networks (for Youngsters, Adults and Mid-Life Crisis)

Online Swingers and Dating (Vanilla)

Online Swingers with Kinks

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The File Room

Eletronic Frontier Foundation

Index on Censorship

Electronic Frontiers Australia


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Good Vibrations

Love Piece Club


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