Maggie: In order to look natural, the fake eyelashes must be very, very soft, as if you have not put anything on yourself. But if they are too natural, you can’t see their effect. If they are not a bit exaggerated, why should I even put them on?

(Placing glue on the fake eyelashes, getting ready to stick them on her eyes)

Maggie: You have to place them on the exact location (on your eyes), and press them into place.

Zaphy: So beautiful!

Maggie: Recently, there are cheaper fake eyelashes that cost about HKD100 per box, with eight to ten pairs per box. The price is very reasonable! Not bad at all! It is better than just buying a pair of cheap ones. These cheap ones are about HKD20. But these are good, and the price is very reasonable.

Zaphy: You mentioned just now that if you put on the eyelashes, you will look a bit slutty. Can you tell us more?

Maggie: I actually want to look more “pure”, but once I put on fake eyelashes, I feel I am too girlish and slutty! I look REALLY lustful!

(Checking her fake eyelashes)

Zaphy: What if you use less exaggerated eyelashes? How would you feel then?

Maggie: It will then look as if I didn’t put on any eyelashes. Then that is useless! If the fake eyelashes are not present, my eyes will look dull. On normal days, even when I put on mascara, it is still hard to show the contrast in the shape of the eyes. And also, it depends on the skill of putting on eyeliner. It depends on the color you are applying, and how you are applying it.

(Maggie has now moved inside the TV studio)

Zaphy: Can you tell us something about the figure of the Gothic Lolita?

Maggie: Her outfits are usually darker in color, black colored, and have some romantic connotations. It gives a feeling of prestige, royalty, and nobility. At the same time, it also has the feeling of “death.”

Zaphy: Do you feel very different when wearing this costume? We’d like you to talk about how you feel today.

Maggie: I feel that I can be my true self after putting on the outfit.

Zaphy: What about your dress? Did you buy this, make it yourself, or is it ordered to be tailor-made?

Maggie: This costume is custom-made. I ordered it from a shop called Spider in Mong Kok; they have their own brand called Spider. This one cost me about HKD700.

Zaphy: Does your character have a life? Does she have a story of her own?

Maggie: I don’t think so. I think Lolita is more like a fashion style.

Zaphy: But the social inspiration is Japanese? A Japanese notion of Lolita?

Maggie: The word “Lolita” originated in Europe. The Japanese then adapted and improved the Lolita style. In general, the Lolitas you are seeing in Hong Kong are Japanese-adapted ones.

Zaphy: Are the cosplayers interested in knowing about the historical European fashion styles?

Maggie: Actually, most people would not bother knowing the in-depth history of these styles. They simply put on the outfits because they are beautiful, or they design their own Lolita style.

Zaphy: So, would you go out dressed like this, out in public in Mong Kok for instance? Would you go out dressed like this Lolita with your friends?