(2008)(c)lick me, a netporn studies reader

Edited by Katrien Jacobs, Marije Janssen and Matteo Pasquinelli
Published by Institute of Networks Cultures

As we wrote in 2008

The conferences ‘The Art and Politics of Netporn’ (2005) and ‘C’Lick Me’ (2007), are novel zones for academics, activists and artists to discuss and experience new phenomena around web-based sex and pornography. We are part of a porn-friendly, yet critical digi-tal generation, bothered by a cultural climate of narrow-mindedness and porn hysteria.
Critical studies about pornography and queer activism have been carried out in previous decades, but we are looking to discuss our tactile immersion in pornographic networks. The Institute of Network Cultures agreed to launch such a space on an international level, providing an uncensored environment for exhibiting and analysing various kinds of netporn through conferences, a mailinglist and tagging area, a festival page on Myspace. com, and now a book publication.
There is a sense of intellectual and social urgency around netporn, a need to awaken media activism and intellectual sharing to process these pornographic realms. It is indeed difficult to get public funding to support our events, but it is also a matter of challenging the now palpable mentality of fear of the other and the stuffiness that followed supposedly moral conflicts and geo-political warfare.