Schizoid with Vocaloid

I continue   my search for people’s virtual characters and end up following cosplay photographer Francesca. We meet at the old communist factory-turned-art-district “798” where they have also preserved one of the old Chinese coal trains. Francesca uses this setting to take photos of her good friend Phoenix.  Phoenix here is doing the  girl character of the virtual singers from the voice… Continue reading Schizoid with Vocaloid

Beware:::Belgian New World Coffee

 Nee, Nonkel Jos–Nobody around here knows how to brew your coffee.  This strange faux antique ‘Belgian New World Coffee’ machine keeps popping up in restaurants near Renmin  University. It is bogus and pricey and takes one hour to brew. It makes a small quantity of coffee but will give you a good laugh for sure (which is what Belgians… Continue reading Beware:::Belgian New World Coffee

Earthy and Dirty

I just arrived in Beijing at Renmin University where I will give a talk about animation fans and how they use alter egos and virtual siblings, or even entire imagined clans and families. I want to find out how and why they fantasize about alternative families and how they deal with pressures of the bio-family. But what are the first impressions… Continue reading Earthy and Dirty

Party Blogging

   Clay Shirky once wrote a long time ago that reading blogs is like wandering around at a cocktail party and eavesdropping on various conversations. Some scenes from the may 8 party.  My students were in a state of happy inebriation and wanted to act like my children. It was midnight and turning into Mothers Day.  And here below my… Continue reading Party Blogging

Love My Others

Excerpt about love from my previous interview with Beijing costume player Francesa. Francesa’s photographs can be found at F=Francesca, or Hybridre, Cosplayer and Photographer K=Katrien, Interviewer C=Carol, Translator/Interviewer C: Can I ask a question? Assuming that you and your lover are both cosplayers, when you cosplay two characters in love with each other, would… Continue reading Love My Others