Art installations

(2017) The Ghost of Sister Ping

A video installation and ghost story about Sister Ping, a young university lecturer who develops a severe crush on a colleague, who wanders around the mountains and dies.

(2001)  Libidot and the Sexy Flowers


I  conceived of the character Libidot, an office-lady (OL) who gets a visit from Hybris who tells her she has no choice but to leave her office and go on a journey around the world. I started my travels as Libidot and wrote the book libidoc.

The Sexy Flowers installation came into existence in the year 2001 when I also launched the libidot website. An ex showed me a paper sculpture that he had made out of somebody else’s pornographic writing. I borrowed his concept of the ‘sexy flower’ to make an installation piece that would allow people to cut up and transform porn images from the Internet into flowers.