Contemporary Arts and Cultural Interactivity

This course studies contemporary art systems and institutions as cultural forms within the broader ‘cultural ecology’ of modern cities. It considers the development of post-formalist art forms and time-based media such as installation art, digital media art, video art and performance art and how these art forms are employed within traditional art spaces, public spaces, social media platforms and activist movements.

The aim of the course is also to introduce students to a general historical framework of contemporary art with a focus on dialogic aesthetics and participatory art forms. The students will learn about movements and concepts and how to apply these discourses by researching artists as well as traditional and grassroots institution and cultural precincts. Finally, students will contribute to artistic discourses by curating an innovative work of contemporary art and artist residency. The course will outline institutional and promotional structures of art curating and the benefits of cultural interactivity and exchange.

Full Syllabus CULS5401-2020-dec28

Archive of student video-projects 2014-2021, consisting of  “interviews with artists” and “curatorial projects”

MARCH 2021, Students have submitted their final reflections about visits to galleries and museums on this padlet page.

MARCH 2022 Work in Progress Final Projects “My Favorite Artist in Residency”

Selection of presentation slides