Visual Research Methods

 UntitledThis course will introduce visual and sensory research methods to enable innovative research projects, drawing on frameworks in art history, visual anthropology, media studies, performance art and general cultural research. The course aims to enhance students’ capacities in undertaking visually focused research projects in community and professional contexts.

Audio-visual materials and social media networks are increasingly used for the production and transmission of knowledge in contemporary culture and Cultural Studies. This course will explore visual research methods with a focus on new technologies learning methods within new media platforms. Older and newer methods of image classification and interpretation will be introduced such as iconology, semiotics, online ethnography and big data analysis.

The emphasis will be on studying cultural environments by means of immersive and multi-sensory ethnography of online and physical environments. Students will practice the ethical and creative uses of ethnography through photography and video production and by documenting a community, subculture or art group of their choice

SYLLABUS Visualresearchmethods(online)

FINAL PROJECTS 2020 and 2021

Staycation on Instagram in Hong Kong

Blind Box: Imagined Good Life and Gender Differences

Politics of Representation: Tibetan Creators on Douyin

Self-presentation Among Tinder Users: Gender Differences in HK

A study of tattoo culture presented at Instagram and the unseen scenes

Beauty Filters for Middle Aged Women

Taking Selfies in Museums

Fan Art on Weibo

Lady M on Instagram

Female beauty anxiety on Xiaohongshu