Oyaji Uke

Detail from the Japanese BL fan comic Birthday Animal by Akou Susugu (Scanlated into English by Vices and Devices) In this story Tiger has a dildo-like tail (a birthday present from Bunny) which gives him sexual energy but also seems to have a life of its own. I produced a zine for the Parasite Exhibition… Continue reading Oyaji Uke

The Chinese Dream

  Together with Tatiana Bazzichelli and Francesco Palmieri I am organizing several panels for the forthcoming Transmediale Festival in Berlin from 29 january till 2 february in Haus Der Kulturen Der Welt whose theme this year is “afterglow.” One of the panels deals with artistic-sexual rebellion and censorship in the Chinese netsphere. The speakers for this… Continue reading The Chinese Dream

A New Phase in Life

I still live in Tai Wai but have moved to a building called Festival City, Phase II. This brandnew maximum-security residential complex is nick-named “the shield”  because it is shaped like a tall weapon that cuts right through the urban environment.  It was built in three “phases” and the last one is still under construction. Each phase consists… Continue reading A New Phase in Life

Wandering Dolls: Cosplay Journey Across East Asia

So my new book just came out and was published by the Hong Kong publisher Roundtable Synergy Books. The book is in both English and Chinese (left page vs. right page) and was translated entirely by Yang Jing. It is a book of travels to four different cities in “East Asia” (the big land mass covering Japan,… Continue reading Wandering Dolls: Cosplay Journey Across East Asia

au revoir tai hang!

I am finally moving out of this old city hood into the central new territories, a special kind of mountainous suburbia close to my new university, The Chinese University of Hong Kong. I highly recommend life in Tai Hang but the human electricity that runs through ieventually catches up with you–the frantic mobs, the noises all around,… Continue reading au revoir tai hang!

New short video, narrated by my doll, Zaphy.

Here my latest video a about a visit a doll museum in Kyoto, the home of SuperDollfie dolls owned and managed by the Japanese company Volks. The video is based on an actual special visit. It is called Visit to My Half-Blood Sisters and narrated by my own doll Zaphy, who belongs to the enemy brand Pullip … Continue reading New short video, narrated by my doll, Zaphy.

Extraordinary Dresscode 8-9-10 december, CityU and Videotage

SYMPOSIUM City University of Hong Kong 8-9-10 december http://www.english.cityu.edu.hk/ExtraordinaryDressCode The Extra / Ordinary Dress Code Symposium brings together scholars, writers and artists from diverse nationalities and disciplines to address the subject of fashion in its aesthetic, cultural, ritual, social, performative and historical dimensions. (Photo: cross-dresser Maggie Leung and friend) ******** EXHIBITION The Rest of Us… Continue reading Extraordinary Dresscode 8-9-10 december, CityU and Videotage

Raw Data Trailer

Raw Data – A Real Fake Document about Sex Researchers and their Hunting in Hong Kong. Click the picture for the trailer: Raw Data is a short experimental fiction film that grew out of my research about Internet sex and collaborations with actors/actresses. Summary Dr. Nero Wong is famous amongst university students for his critiques… Continue reading Raw Data Trailer