Algorithmic Bellyfat and How to Get Rid of it?

  I presented “Algorithmic Bellyfat and How to Get Rid of It” for a conference at University of Ghent organised by ECREA Gender & Communication: Abstract: This presentation discusses social media algorithms and imagery for ageing women’s sexuality and hormonal or bodily changes during menopause. It examines a collection of archived visuals and animated ads… Continue reading Algorithmic Bellyfat and How to Get Rid of it?

Contemporary Arts and Cultural Interactivity

This course studies contemporary art systems and institutions as cultural forms within the broader ‘cultural ecology’ of modern cities. It considers the development of post-formalist art forms and time-based media such as installation art, digital media art, video art and performance art and how these art forms are employed within traditional art spaces, public spaces,… Continue reading Contemporary Arts and Cultural Interactivity

Visual Culture Studies

The MA in Visual Culture Studies is a unique theory/practice curriculum around analytical knowledge and audio-visual media production to study Contemporary Art, Digital Media, Virtual Reality and Immersive Media and Film/Documentary cultures. On this site you can find information about the different courses that were taught 2007-2020, as well as extra-curricular events and student projects.… Continue reading Visual Culture Studies

The Non-Sorrow of the Belgians: Africa Museum, Tervuren

After visiting the revamped Africa museum in Tervuren, Brussels, which commemorates our colonial heritage in a supposedly introspective and decolonizing fashion, I was asked by one of the “friendly museum guides” on the scenic ride of tram 44 what I really thought about it, I told him that I did not like it all. He… Continue reading The Non-Sorrow of the Belgians: Africa Museum, Tervuren

Interviewed by Louise Bak on Sex City

Louise Bak of the radio program Sex City (Toronto) has been one of the most attentive readers of my books. Here is a long interview with musical interludes about The Afterglow of women’s Pornography in Post-Digital China

Slightly Bent

I launched my new book The Afterglow of Women’s Pornography in Post-Digital China in the ACO book store in Hong Kong. It was a cathartic kind of event, as the launch can be for the author who finally exits a space of desolation and mental exhaustion while trying to communicate with the outer world. Egret Chow… Continue reading Slightly Bent

Casting Call for Milk +

MILK+ 演員招募 招募以下角色: 複製人、機械人、阿凡達 即興表演者、性活躍分子、愛滋病活躍分子 lover boys,lover girls… 女人、男人、雙性人、中間人 不需要暴露演出﹗ 必須有豐富想像力,大膽,吸引!!! MILK+,一個融合性、藥物及變種病毒的表演將2010年3月27日晚上九時至十一時於錄映太奇隆重獻上。 與展覽《Techno(sexual)-bodies》 同期進行, MILK+ 齊集藝術家鄭淑麗(聞名於日本科幻色情電影I.K.U.), Katrien Jacobs (聞名於 與梁學彬 (聞名於其媒體藝術作品「東方婊子」)將錄映太奇化身為反烏托邦的科幻場景,展出誘惑、頹廢與墮落等故事脈絡,將你帶進2050年的性愛境界。 帶來性興奮之餘,再次喚醒大眾對愛滋病傳播的關注。 我們邀請你踴躍參與是次演員招募! 請聯同個人資料,網頁及興趣電郵至 報名截止日期: 二月二十日 試鏡日期 (只接受預約): 二月二十七日 CASTING CALL FOR MILK+ WANTED: Replicants, Androids, Bots, Avatars, Clones Live Performers, sex activists, AIDS activists. lover boys, lover girls.., Female, male, Bi, and in-between beings.… Continue reading Casting Call for Milk +

Hike from Mui Wo to Pui O

It was an ecstatic walk at first since I can hike again after the motorbike accident in Vietnam. Then I felt regrets in the middle of it and thought that I had made a big mistake. Finally I was greeted by a lonely buffalo on Pui O beach–after it was all over.