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(many thanks to Carrie for compiling and translating all these beautiful and poetic expressions) 胸部/乳房BREAST 波 ball (vulgar) 双峰(twin mountain) 咪咪 (mi mi) 奶子 (milk) 豪乳 (grand milk) 巨乳 (huge milk) 玉兔 (jade rabbit) 雪峰 (snowy mountain) 酥胸 (soft breast) 肉丘 (flesh hill) 肉峰 (flesh mountain) NIPPLE 乳头 红豆 (red bean) 红头 (red head)

Tai Hang Fire Dragon

Yesterday night the rain cleared and the fired dragon danced around  in the streets of old Tai Hang for many hours. People seemed very happy to carry the dragon (made of thousands of burning incense sticks) despite the unstable weather conditions earlier on. If you read about the history of the dragon below, you will understand why… Continue reading Tai Hang Fire Dragon

Glimpses of the Sex Diary of A Chinese Officer

Han Feng’s sex diary caused a lot of uproar in China. He is an official from the Guangxi tobacco monopoly bureau, who allegedly wrote daily diary entries describing his sexual involvement with many of his colleages, along with acts of receiving bribes. Then these entries started spreading on the internet. The disciplinary officials and the investigators were getting first-hand accounts of his misbehavior from these entries. Despite a year long attempt at cleansing by the censors in their urge to remove any pornographic data, these entries caused many stark reactions.

Here below are some of his journal entries from the year of 2007. I just wanted to give you a glimpse. Like Hanhan, I do not judge the tobacco chief for having sexual affairs. These kinds of private affairs should not be stolen or uploaded by third parties. At the same time these entries are an eye-opener indeed. Should they be banned or be squeezed back inside a pandora’s box? Let’s think positively. Let’s praise the tobacco chief for offering a poetic alternative to vulgar pornography, as well as thinking earnestly about his health. But if he is cutting one thing in his life, it should be alcohol rather than blow jobs.

(translated by Carrie Yang and further edited by KJ)

Sex Advice Given by Young Bloggers in China

It’s a lot of detailed advice at once, though it may only take ten minutes to put it into practice. And also, the SHE part usually comes before HE, except if you are with a men who ejaculates before you even touch him (They do exist). (Translated by Carrie Yang and edited by Katrien Jacobs)