(2017) The Ghost of Sister Ping

A video installation and ghost story about Sister Ping, a young university lecturer who develops a severe crush and dies.

(2016) Womens’s Pornographies in Hong Kong and San Francisco 

An archive of interviews conducted with feminist and queer producers, entrepreneurs and sex activists in San Francisco and Hong Kong. This project has also led to a book entitled The Afterglow of Women’s Pornography and Post-Digital China (Palgrave Macmillan, 2015) 

(2015)   Berlin Porn-Dialogues with Dr. Jacobs 

Berlin testimonies about porn tastes and affect, featuring artists, curators, producers, lovers and haters of porn.

 (2015)  Chinese Women in Love with Gay Sex Scenes

Recording of a talk about Chinese women’s micro-fictions and zines based on the Japanese animation genre of Boys’ love (in Chinese called 耽美, Dān Méi, 801, or simply “BL”). This genre refers to female-authored narratives about homosexual love affairs that involve emotional hardship and include hard-core sex. This genre of “emotive pornography” is currently highly popular in Hong Kong and Mainland China. The stories are comprised of many different genres but all depict heightened love affairs and sex scenes between a male “dominant” (攻, Seme) character and a male “bottom”(受, Uke) character. The female penchant for “emotive pornography” is further related to the theme of “art of failure” (a term coined by Judith Jack Halberstam) as it develops a type of sexuality and artistic expressivity that is little understood in the mainstream world.

(2011)  Visit to My Fantasy Family

The  journey of two researchers to a special museum of ball-jointed dolls in Kyoto, japan.

(2009)  Interview with Hong Kong Cross-dresser and Cosplayer Martin/Maggie

(2o09)  Wandering Dolls, Cosplayers and Dollplayers in China, Hong Kong, Indonesia and Japan

This travel diary offers  photographs and video footage of my ethnographic encounters with people who artfully recreate themselves as individuals or collectives through visual fantasy figures such as Cosplayers, avatars, androids, dolls, and Lolitas.

(2008) What is Wrong With Your Pron, Hong Kong?

It is often  mentioned in local newspapers and magazines that Hong Kong performs badly in the bedroom. Is it true that his hyper-wired megapolis has lost its sex drive? Against a backdrop of alienating high-rise buildings and the expanding IT services of the new economy, I use my camera to zoom in on Hong Kong people’s “porn stories,” their drive towards post-human hedonism or multiple personalities. The film starts with the Edison Chen sex scandal and then samples Hong Kong’s softcore erotica produced by the Shaw brothers in the 1960s and 1970s. Virtual lives and humorous stories are interlaced with the lore of celebrity scandals and political darkness.

(2008)  On The Japanese Doll Complex

The film documents the emergence of extremely beautiful ornate dolls that play host to their owner’s emotional and sexual desires, which has spawned a sub-culture of erotic doll photography and costume play.

(2008) Trailer for Shortfilm, Raw Data

 Short film about sex researchers in search of “raw data” in Hong Kong

(2001) Installation Art Piece, Sexy Flowers

The Sexy Flowers art project came into existence in the year 2001. Somebody showed me a paper sculpture that he had made out of somebody else’s pornographic writing. I borrowed his concept of the ‘sexy flower’ to make an installation piece that allows people to cut up and transform images from the Internet into flowers. I envisioned building a ‘geek-space,’ a secluded area where people enter and comfortably watch Internet porn images. Rather than getting turned on or turned off by these images, people are encouraged to print out an image, turn it into a flower and add it to the growing collection.

I also then conceived of the character Libidot, an office-lady (OL) who gets a visit from Hybris who tells her she has no choice but to leave her office and go on a voyage around the world. Libidot packs her suitcase and starts her journey on a shoestring budget, traveling from east to west, visiting several places and people who help her along the way.

(1997)  Art and Ethnograpic Mythologies, Joseph Beuys

This  movie is based on historical footage of Joseph Beuys’s visit to the USA and his 1974 performance with the coyote ‘I like America and America likes Me.’ It also includes an interview with art historian Jack Burnham.

Katrien Jacobs filmography


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