Oyaji Uke

Detail from the Japanese BL fan comic Birthday Animal by Akou Susugu (Scanlated into English by Vices and Devices) In this story Tiger has a dildo-like tail (a birthday present from Bunny) which gives him sexual energy but also seems to have a life of its own. I produced a zine for the Parasite Exhibition… Continue reading Oyaji Uke

When our ancestors invented writing, ghosts wept in the night

  I am now researching stories in which scholars go on a journey of enlightenment, but get interrupted and pestered by a ghost who wants to have sex. Judith Zeitlin has written superbly about this phenomenon  in The Phantom Heroine: Ghosts and Gender in 17th Century Chinese Literature (University of Hawaii Press 2007). In her analysis, ghost… Continue reading When our ancestors invented writing, ghosts wept in the night

becoming-bourgeois (the hong kong way)

I am still stuck in the Festival City, the brandnew ultra-highrise complex in the New Territories, looking onto the Shatin canal on the east side, and onto a magic mountain on the west. The mountain was nostalgically reconstructed by means of a digital effect on my Sony Lumix DMC-ZS3 called ‘pinhole.’  With this device I seek my own moments of… Continue reading becoming-bourgeois (the hong kong way)

Deep Kwoktalk

Last friday I made an appearance on Crystal Kwok’s RTHK talk show Kwoktalk.  It was an amazing and quite relaxing experience as Kwok is very sharp, accomodating and open-minded and we really went into the topic of cultural tastes in porn, online seduction by means of DIY porn as well as male/female body image and queer porn.… Continue reading Deep Kwoktalk

A New Phase in Life

I still live in Tai Wai but have moved to a building called Festival City, Phase II. This brandnew maximum-security residential complex is nick-named “the shield”  because it is shaped like a tall weapon that cuts right through the urban environment.  It was built in three “phases” and the last one is still under construction. Each phase consists… Continue reading A New Phase in Life

Filippino lesbian wedding in Kennedytown

Today is my 45th birthday and I had a very sweet day. I received gifts and kisses, a message from my ghost. I also actually attended a lesbian wedding organized by the Filippino lesbian organization Filguys. The young couple Jeczer and Shey were accompanied by their butch-femme “parents” and “grandparents,” and many other lesbian couples, and—-0h my… Continue reading Filippino lesbian wedding in Kennedytown

au revoir tai hang!

I am finally moving out of this old city hood into the central new territories, a special kind of mountainous suburbia close to my new university, The Chinese University of Hong Kong. I highly recommend life in Tai Hang but the human electricity that runs through ieventually catches up with you–the frantic mobs, the noises all around,… Continue reading au revoir tai hang!

How A Sex Scene is Implied in A Chinese Poem

  (Thanks to Carrie Yang for this finding cute sex poetry, for translating it into English, and for annotating it below. Happy christmas everyone and don’t forget to be bad. ) 月出煙盡琴簫冷 The moon rose, the smoke dissipated, the flute became cold 階前侯人唯杯影 I waited before the steps for the one with a glass and its shadows 且執木樨眠… Continue reading How A Sex Scene is Implied in A Chinese Poem

For the Beginners, Intermediate and Advanced.

(many thanks to Carrie for compiling and translating all these beautiful and poetic expressions) 胸部/乳房BREAST 波 ball (vulgar) 双峰(twin mountain) 咪咪 (mi mi) 奶子 (milk) 豪乳 (grand milk) 巨乳 (huge milk) 玉兔 (jade rabbit) 雪峰 (snowy mountain) 酥胸 (soft breast) 肉丘 (flesh hill) 肉峰 (flesh mountain) NIPPLE 乳头 红豆 (red bean) 红头 (red head)