Han Han's Magazine Arrives!


The new Han Han magazine has arrived…. Although there’s not a single advertisment in the magazine, it is known as the most generous publication in China—paying  each of the authors 2000 RMB per 1000 words (as you can see from the picture above, that’s basically all of them).

The magazine is a nice mixture of short novels, essays, photographs, commics, etc. But it was quite an disapointment for me not seeing the orginal cool cover picture on the actual copies.

As I look through the magazine, I found the following excerpt very informative. It  is  It’s from Han Han’s own article   I WANT TO TALK TO THIS WORLD (我想和這個世界談談 wo xiang he zhe ge shi jie tan tan). Here is the rough translation (Thank you Katrien for editing it for me):

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