Doctor doll gives sex advice

We used doctor doll to talk to people in a secluded room and also had a live transmission of the sessions in the Blue Lotus gallery, where the audience was watching. Some people shared their fantasies, but many testified that they never masturbate or are virgins or just too busy to have sex. Yes it is the same old story again. I tend to think that the sex drive is a robust force, and that it will simply happen despite cultural inhibitions and mundane annoyances. But it is not. Hong Kong people testified and totally demystified the notion of a universal sex drive.  At least doctor doll is still in business then.videotaping-therapy11

Chinese dress up nudes to protest censorship


It is always hard to find out what precisely is going on the Chinese Internet, but certainly the news about another major crackdown on vulgar and pornographic content was depressing. These kinds of drastic actions are not so common in Hong Kong and seem to be out of place here. Still I was interviewed a few days ago by a journalist at Baptist University about a proposal by a HK parental organization to blacklist websites to protect youth from “falling more deeply into immoral behavior” (her words). Then today I read the news about Chinese protesters dressing up historical art nudes to criticize Beijing’s ongoing surveillance and censorship. Maybe this action and extensive list of submissions is a sign of relief? The Chinese war on netporn seems to be massive and neverending, but then it has made room for a sexy counter-culture.

back-blogging: Cheung Chau island

I visited Cheung Chau island more or less a year ago, right after the Chinese new year of 2008. It was cold and the red lanterns were still out. Since I moved to Hong Kong in 2005, I have hiked around on many of its beaches, hills and islands. I enjoy the process of slowly changing into a different person, getting high on the senses. It becomes a kind of floating that complements the neurotic-obsessive energy of Hong Kong, and my own, or can push it in the right direction. And yes, Hong Kong’s islands are very charming and yet unassuming. The food on Cheung Chau island is amazing and can be divided in old style Chinese and new Asian fusion, as my students documented in their video projects. There is even an old lady selling single pieces of sushi. I recommend a day of whirling around on Cheung Chau’s hills and beaches, a food fest in the outdoors, and a stay in the Warwick hotel:

Cheung Chau island

Blue Lotus Gallery, Hong Kong, 14 feb


The Blue Lotus Gallery beckons you to crash their opening, sat feb 14, 3 pm-6pm:

“Are you lonesome on this saturday afternoon? Do you have performance anxiety? Have you been in Hong Kong for too long? Do you want to get out? Do you worry about your penis size? Vaginal dryness? Relationship drought or depression? Ageing genitals? Interracial gridlock? Are you in the closet? Do you have a hovering mother? Sexless father? For the Occasion of “No Sex In the City”sex doctors will perform therapeutic consultations while assisted by their/her Ball-Jointed Dolls. They will invite the general audience to a free therapy session: Lolitas and costume players, teachers and students, designers and fashion victims, femme fatales and banging studs, fags and faghags, sex workers and journalists,–come share your aching hearts in the midst of Hong Kong”

And I will be present with my doll Zaphy! See ya