Sister Swallow Twitter Report (A Sneak Preview)

We have compiled and translated some interesting tweets by China’s famous sex blogger Liumangyan (Sister Swallow) You can follow her (in Chinese) on or visit her website

A more thorough analysis of her exquisite dialogues and rants will follow in my book.  She is a hyper-active blogger who is brave, full of jouissance and to the point. She is often neck to neck with well-known artist Ai Wei Wei, who will also be featured in my book.

***Defending and advocating for sex workers. 

@JinyanSONG 性工作者比小三夺正室的可能,情人蹿位的野心,都要小得多。因为性工作者面对许多男性,并不愿意界入他人的家庭。我并不反对一夫一妻制的家庭模式但性在婚姻生活中,不应该是影响家庭稳定的主要因素。當然性工作者也不构成威胁。June 30

@ JinyanSong sex workers are much less likely to intervene in a family than a second wife or a secret lover, because sex workers have to deal with a lot of males and they do not want to be part of these families. I am not against monogamy but sex should not be the major reason that affects the stability of a family. So of course sex workers cannot be a threat.

这个让男人回答吧。我当然相信还有男人保持着表面的性忠诚。但中国人民大学做的社会调查,中国男人的平均性伴侣,好像是超过十个,也有调查说是3.5个。RT @kathy01255: 不嫖不代表一定要找情人或小三,这不是必然的,有尊重婚姻的男人RT @liumangyan:

Let men answer the question. Of course I believe that there are still men who remain superficially loyal. But a social research in the People’s University of China said that the average number of sex partners for a male in China exceed 10. There was also research that said it was 3.5. RT @kathy01255: Not visiting a prostitute does not mean they will necessarily turn to a lover or a second wife. There are still men who do respect marriage. RT @liumangyan


But we have to admit a fact that prostitution is already the major trend in society. The minority shall be those who do not do prostitution.

****Ridiculing soccer player Kaka

他在公开的场合,举牌,把嫖娼的男人与不嫖娼的男人,好与坏划分了,已经在做道德宣教了。他可以代表他自己,不要代表好男人。难道一个嫖娼的男人不是好男人吗? June 30

He (Kaka) separated those who visit prostitutes from those who do not as good versus bad men. It is already moral preaching. He can represent himself but he cannot represent “a good man.” A man who does prostitution cannot be a good man?


Why should we compromise our survival to meet the moral mania of  mainstream society??? We want to sell! We want to be prostitutes. Kaka, fuck off, welcome to prostitution!

谁嫖娼,谁羸球!~ 不嫖娼,衰到头!~ 我们一样可以打标语。 你们帮我打个标语,叫卡卡去自渎,或自抠。

Whoever does prostitution wins the foot ball game!~ Whoever does not will have back luck all along the game!~We can do slogans, too! Help me with the slogan: Kaka, go masturbate yourself!

嫖娼的跟我走,手淫的,跟卡卡走!~公民社会就是,让想嫖的,可以嫖,想打手枪的,随处有卫生纸。RT @warrenLOL: 【卡卡微博声援反对卖淫 是真男人就不该去嫖娼】

Those who want prostitution follow me; those who masturbate follow kaka! A civil society is one that people have the freedom to choose whether to have sex with prostitutes or masturbate, tissue paper’s everywhere. RT @warrenLOL Kaka microblogs against prostitution; A real man shall not go to prostitutes

性工作者真是是世界上比较伟大的女人。她关爱着,许多被爱遗弃的男人。给他性福,给他安慰,甚至给他年轻的感觉,给他自信。June 19

Sex workers are the great women in the world. They care about men who were abandoned, and give them sexual happiness, comfort, confidence, and even the feeling of being young again.