Algorithmic Bellyfat and How to Get Rid of it?

  I presented “Algorithmic Bellyfat and How to Get Rid of It” for a conference at University of Ghent organised by ECREA Gender & Communication: Abstract: This presentation discusses social media algorithms and imagery for ageing women’s sexuality and hormonal or bodily changes during menopause. It examines a collection of archived visuals and animated ads… Continue reading Algorithmic Bellyfat and How to Get Rid of it?

Contemporary Arts and Cultural Interactivity

This course studies contemporary art systems and institutions as cultural forms within the broader ‘cultural ecology’ of modern cities. It considers the development of post-formalist art forms and time-based media such as installation art, digital media art, video art and performance art and how these art forms are employed within traditional art spaces, public spaces,… Continue reading Contemporary Arts and Cultural Interactivity

Visual Culture Studies

The MA in Visual Culture Studies is a unique theory/practice curriculum around analytical knowledge and audio-visual media production to study Contemporary Art, Digital Media, Virtual Reality and Immersive Media and Film/Documentary cultures. On this site you can find information about the different courses that were taught 2007-2020, as well as extra-curricular events and student projects.… Continue reading Visual Culture Studies

The Non-Sorrow of the Belgians: Africa Museum, Tervuren

After visiting the revamped Africa museum in Tervuren, Brussels, which commemorates our colonial heritage in a supposedly introspective and decolonizing fashion, I was asked by one of the “friendly museum guides” on the scenic ride of tram 44 what I really thought about it, I told him that I did not like it all. He… Continue reading The Non-Sorrow of the Belgians: Africa Museum, Tervuren

Interviewed by Louise Bak on Sex City

Louise Bak of the radio program Sex City (Toronto) has been one of the most attentive readers of my books. Here is a long interview with musical interludes about The Afterglow of women’s Pornography in Post-Digital China

Slightly Bent

I launched my new book The Afterglow of Women’s Pornography in Post-Digital China in the ACO book store in Hong Kong. It was a cathartic kind of event, as the launch can be for the author who finally exits a space of desolation and mental exhaustion while trying to communicate with the outer world. Egret Chow… Continue reading Slightly Bent

Oyaji Uke

Detail from the Japanese BL fan comic Birthday Animal by Akou Susugu (Scanlated into English by Vices and Devices) In this story Tiger has a dildo-like tail (a birthday present from Bunny) which gives him sexual energy but also seems to have a life of its own. I produced a zine for the Parasite Exhibition… Continue reading Oyaji Uke

The Chinese Dream

  Together with Tatiana Bazzichelli and Francesco Palmieri I am organizing several panels for the forthcoming Transmediale Festival in Berlin from 29 january till 2 february in Haus Der Kulturen Der Welt whose theme this year is “afterglow.” One of the panels deals with artistic-sexual rebellion and censorship in the Chinese netsphere. The speakers for this… Continue reading The Chinese Dream

When our ancestors invented writing, ghosts wept in the night

  I am now researching stories in which scholars go on a journey of enlightenment, but get interrupted and pestered by a ghost who wants to have sex. Judith Zeitlin has written superbly about this phenomenon  in The Phantom Heroine: Ghosts and Gender in 17th Century Chinese Literature (University of Hawaii Press 2007). In her analysis, ghost… Continue reading When our ancestors invented writing, ghosts wept in the night