HanHan and the Central Organ

All summer long I have been writing my new book People’s Pornography: Sex and Surveillance on the Chinese Internet for Intellect Books. Excerpts and foreplay will follow on this blog until I finally reach academic fame or downfall. In either case, I have been very fortunate to work with Carrie Yang who has helped me researching and scrutinizing Chinese bloggers and sexually explicit media. The book will feature several generations of female and male bloggers who have written about pornography or who have made their own sexually explicit galleries: Muzimei, February Girl, Hooligan Swallow, Sola Aoi, Tiger Temple, Ai wei Wei etc,… 

Han Han is no doubt the most famous of Chinese bloggers and he has made several poignant statements about the role of sexual decadence and the PRC’s Propaganda of Impotence.  He writes about accepting global flows of culture and commerce, about overcoming impotence, and he has issued love and praise for the Japanese AV star Kaede Matsushima. I like the fact that his boudoir philosophy is funny, witty and full of surprises.

Carrie and myself are both waiting for the arrival of Hanhan’s magazine “The Party,” which was finally launched in the beginning of July 2010.  Here is the announcement of the magazine which depicts a warrior whose censored organ is replaced with a gun. Apparently the magazine went through several rounds of being censored by the Party, which is the reason why the release was so delayed. But it was rumored that 500.000 copies were sold in the first 48 hours after its launch. Hanhan uses his pen and sex appeal rather than an actual weapon to massage and tease the opposition–we all fall in love with him eventually. I plan the frame the cover and hang it on my wall when it arrives at my doorstep. The censored warrior will be my guide– reminding me of my days of writing my book about porn in China.

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