Sex Advice Given by Young Bloggers in China

It’s a lot of detailed advice at once, though it may only take ten minutes to put it into practice. And also, the SHE part usually comes before HE, except if you are with a men who ejaculates before you even touch him (They do exist).

(Translated by Carrie Yang and edited by Katrien Jacobs)



Girls cannot show fear towards semen, or express that they are germ freaks…Behave like you are bestowed.


Then quietly and leisurely wipe the semen on you face/body off, and lay back next to him.


Lay in his arms quietly, breath with him


Don’t ask him stupid questions such as “are you satisfied?” “are you tired?” “is it good?” “do you want more?”, etc.


Remember that a boy is always disgusted by his semen, but he hopes that his woman will treasure it.


Don’t! Flirt with a boy and his semen after he ejaculates, in forms such as touching his face with it, put it in his mouth/on his body, etc.


Praise you man genuinely: e.g. wow, you ejaculate a lot, fuck me to dead, I am going to pass out…But don’t repeat it too often.


1. 用手抚摸背部、腰、臀部

Touch her back, waist and bottom with your hand.

2. 按摩胸

Massage her breast.

3. 吻颈、背部

Kiss her neck and her back.

4. 给男孩口交

Give your boy oral sex.

5. 舔乳头

Lick her nipples

6. 把乳头喂到男孩嘴里

Put your nipples in the boy’s mouth

7. 吻耳朵,后颈

Kiss her ears and the back of her neck

8. 把舌头深进阴道

Put your tongue in her vagina

9. 用自己的乳头触碰男人龟头

Use your nipple(s) to touch the man’s gland

10. 用手拨弄乳头

Fiddle her nipples


11. Move your finger(s) back and forth in the vagina.


12. Caress and rub all the parts of the lower body.


13. Quickly firmly thrust you penis in the vaginal and pull it back