Glimpses of the Sex Diary of A Chinese Officer

Han Feng’s sex diary caused a lot of uproar in China.  He is an official from the Guangxi tobacco monopoly bureau, who allegedly wrote daily diary entries describing his sexual involvement with many of his colleages, along with acts of receiving bribes. Then these entries started spreading on the internet. The disciplinary officials and the investigators were getting first-hand accounts of his misbehavior from these entries. Despite a year long attempt at cleansing  by the censors in their urge to remove any pornographic data, these entries caused many stark reactions.

Here below are some of his journal entries from the year of 2007. I just wanted to give you a glimpse. Like Hanhan, I do not judge the tobacco chief for having sexual affairs. These kinds of private affairs should not be stolen or uploaded by third parties. At the same time these entries are an eye-opener indeed. Should they be banned or be squeezed back inside a pandora’s box? Let’s think positively. Let’s praise the tobacco chief  for offering a poetic alternative to vulgar pornography, as well as thinking earnestly about his health.  But if he is cutting one thing in his life, it should be alcohol rather than blow jobs.

(translated by Carrie Yang and further edited by KJ)

9月18日   星期二                   21――32℃晴


September 16 Tuesday  21-31℃ Sunny

I stayed at the dorm in the morning. In the afternoon, I first went to the International Hotel to book a room, then I returned to the office. Rong Riqian and others came in. They were taking the sales exam the next day. I drank a lot of wine with them in the evening. I went to the International Hotel at 11 or so. Tan was already there. She was having her period so she gave me oral sex.

9月19日   星期三                   21――32℃晴


September 19 Wed 21-31℃ Sunny

I stayed in the dormitory in the morning. At noon, Hong He, An Hui and Li Yuefen and some others came. I had lunch with them and I drank a lot of wine. I took a nap in the afternoon. I went to the International Hotel in the evening. Tan gave me oral sex again and I ejaculated.

9月26日   星期三                  21――30℃多云


Sep 26th, Wed, 21-30 ℃ Cloudy

After Wu arrived in the morning, we went to buy a LG KW820 cell phone, which supports duo-systems and duo sim cards. It cost me 3720 RMB. I went back to the office in the afternoon to deal with some files and discuss some sales. In the evening, Tan asked me to have sex with her. She’s getting married on the 29th and she still wants to play with me. What a wild girl! I booked a room in the International Hotel. She arrived at a little past 10. She took a shower/bath. Then she went to bed and we had sex. We performed huge actions. We chatted and we did it again at midnight. She bled again. We slept for a while and we made love again in the morning. This time she didn’t bleed.

11月6日, 星期二               11――25℃晴


November 6th, Tuesday 11—25 ℃ Sunny

I prepared for the “politeness and courtesy” lecture in the morning. At noon, I accompanied Li Dehui, who came from Xiamen, to have lunch and some wine. I stayed in the dormitory in the afternoon. At night, I had dinner with Huang Huiting and others and I drank quite some wine. Huang and his people are going to Chongqing and Chengdu tomorrow. I will send Su and Tan Shanfang to see them off. At 10ish, Tan Shanfang drove me over to her house. I made love to her 3 times. We had one more early in the morning. I did not ejaculate.

12月4日,星期二                7――23℃晴


December 4th, Tuesday, 7-23°C, sunny

In the morning I rested. At noon, Zhao Xin, who’s from the Qinzhou Court came to deal with some business in the court here. He invited me to lunch and I asked Pan to come with me. We drank till 4ish. I was a little drunk and so was Pan. I asked her to come to my room and I had sex with her. I remembered it was quite passionate. She took actions and coordinated me. There was a lot of love fluid. Pan and Mei invited me to midnight snack, and we invited Qin Gang and we drank 2 bottles of western wine. I was drunk again.
12月5日   星期三                   13――22℃多云


May 5th Wed 13-22 ℃ Cloudy

The sex with Pan was too fierce. My whole body was sour and in pain. I stayed in the dormitory the whole day.

12月11日   星期二                  17――26℃阴

December 11th Tuesday 17-26 C, Cloudy

I spent the whole day in the Economic Operation Analysis Meeting. In the evening I had dinner with Huang Guiting and Xiao, who’s the head of the Land Department. We concluded that we would pay 5 million as the sign-up fee to ensure that we would have the land. We drank quite a lot.

12月31日   星期一                  9――16℃多云


二〇〇七年过去了,这一年我的工作更顺手了,企业规范,中层干部努力而理解我的工作意图,我在员工中的威信高,今年更是全面完成任务,收入又高达 20万元,明年更好做。鉴于此我都无所谓回不回区局了,能再干二年直接回区局干个闲职再内退最好。今年儿子又争气,得到了推荐研究生,不用考了,两年后他找工作会容易多。今年自己玩相机上了一个台阶,今后就会好好地玩到老。玩女人上,终于玩了,又和小盘玩上了,还固定地和谭善芳玩,还有个莫瑶待玩,今年真是交了桃花运,女人多了就是要注意身体.

December 31 Monday 9—16 C Cloudy

I went to Xin Meng with Sha (the wife), they were having a function. I bought two electric heating blankets. We went back home after lunch and I spent the afternoon at home.

The year 2007 has passed. My job is taking off this year. The company meets all standards, the middle-level managers work hard and they understand my intentions. I am well respected among the employees. We accomplished tasks in every aspect and the income has reached 200 thousand RMB. Tomorrow will even be better. Therefore, I don’t care whether I can get back to the district department. Perhaps 2 more years here and come directly back to an easy position in the district department will be better. My son did great this year. He got the recommended post-graduate student quota so he don’t need to take the exams. It will be much easier for him to find a good job after 2 years. My knowledge about cameras has come up to a level. I will stay with this passion till I am old. Concerning playing with ladies, I finally did it, with Pan, and very often with Tan. Mo Yao will be the next one. I am quite lucky with women this year. I have to pay more attention to my health when having relationships with multiple women.

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