Urban Nomad Film Fest (Taipei) Goes Cos

My Japanese doll complex movie is playing in a film program about ‘Cosplay,’ (costume play or animation and J-rock fans who dress like their favorite characters) organized by the Urban Nomad Festival

bu hua poster_big girl_RED

Let me confess right here that my movie would have been a flop without the support of Sean Hsiao, who introduced me to the Kigurumi cosplayers and the mask-maker King Fabulous; who helped me get the rights to a song by the Taiwanese band Won Fu; who provided priceless info about Taipei’s sex zones; and who spotted “hidden” online student gossip when times were rough.

And thanks to Mia Chen also for being a partner in crime in the cos zone. Check out Mia Chen’s movies as well & don’t forget that we have a big related event coming up in Hong Kong in December 09 entitled

Extraordinary Dresscode: Costuming and the second Skin in Asia


Hong Kong Cosplayer Mizuki as ‘Marie Antoinette’ from

the Japanese shojo-manga ‘Rose of Versailles.’

Kyoto Doll Museum: Tenshi No Sato

We are planning a visit to Kyoto in May to visit the museum of SD (Superdolfie) dolls that belongs to the company Volks.  Those dolls are a high-class brand and made for adults, though meanwhile there are other and more affordable ball-jointed dolls made in China and Korea.  But Japan and Volks seem to have ultimate power over designing this type of doll and its fandom. One has to make a reservation to visit the museum and no photography is allowed. It is assumed that people will bring along their SD dolls, but I am not sure how they would react if I bring my Korean doll. To get an understanding of how Chinese people use and photograph those dolls, you can watch my shortfilm On the Japanese Doll Complex.