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Raw Data – A Real Fake Document about Sex Researchers and their Hunting in Hong Kong.

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Raw Data
is a short experimental fiction film that grew out of my research about Internet sex and collaborations with actors/actresses.

Dr. Nero Wong is famous amongst university students for his critiques of traditional Chinese morality and the monogamic marriage system. He is also interested in Internet sex and easily attracts people online through his dark and alluring alter ego character ‘Max.’ One day he bumps into one of his colleagues, Dr. Katrien Jacobs, who has just posted her naked pictures as ‘Lizzy Kinsey.’ Max and Lizzy thus get entangled in a quest for sexual raw data—the strange and obsessive sex adventures that are typical of the Internet generation.

在香港的學術界,Nero Wong 教授是一位出名的學者,他對中國傳統道德以及婚姻制度有出位的評論。對於成人交友網絡他有著同樣的興趣。在網上他化身為一個黑暗並且十分誘人的「Max」 來吸引獵物。一日他在網站遇見一位剛把自己裸照上載到網上的「Lizzy Kinsey」,其實亦是他的同事 Katrien Jacobs 教授。從此Max和Lizzy就一起收集第一手色情資料 —— 一些古怪離奇、令人著迷的網絡性愛經歷。

Jackie Chow as Dr. Nero Wong/Max
Yang Jing as Mrs. Fleur Chan/Butterfly
Daisy Fung as Poppy
KJ as KJ as KJ
27  mins, DVD-PAL, 2009