Sister Swallow Twitter Report (A Sneak Preview)

We have compiled and translated some interesting tweets by China’s famous sex blogger Liumangyan (Sister Swallow) You can follow her (in Chinese) on or visit her website

A more thorough analysis of her exquisite dialogues and rants will follow in my book.  She is a hyper-active blogger who is brave, full of jouissance and to the point. She is often neck to neck with well-known artist Ai Wei Wei, who will also be featured in my book.

***Defending and advocating for sex workers. 

@JinyanSONG 性工作者比小三夺正室的可能,情人蹿位的野心,都要小得多。因为性工作者面对许多男性,并不愿意界入他人的家庭。我并不反对一夫一妻制的家庭模式但性在婚姻生活中,不应该是影响家庭稳定的主要因素。當然性工作者也不构成威胁。June 30

@ JinyanSong sex workers are much less likely to intervene in a family than a second wife or a secret lover, because sex workers have to deal with a lot of males and they do not want to be part of these families. I am not against monogamy but sex should not be the major reason that affects the stability of a family. So of course sex workers cannot be a threat.

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Glimpses of the Sex Diary of A Chinese Officer

Han Feng’s sex diary caused a lot of uproar in China.  He is an official from the Guangxi tobacco monopoly bureau, who allegedly wrote daily diary entries describing his sexual involvement with many of his colleages, along with acts of receiving bribes. Then these entries started spreading on the internet. The disciplinary officials and the investigators were getting first-hand accounts of his misbehavior from these entries. Despite a year long attempt at cleansing  by the censors in their urge to remove any pornographic data, these entries caused many stark reactions.

Here below are some of his journal entries from the year of 2007. I just wanted to give you a glimpse. Like Hanhan, I do not judge the tobacco chief for having sexual affairs. These kinds of private affairs should not be stolen or uploaded by third parties. At the same time these entries are an eye-opener indeed. Should they be banned or be squeezed back inside a pandora’s box? Let’s think positively. Let’s praise the tobacco chief  for offering a poetic alternative to vulgar pornography, as well as thinking earnestly about his health.  But if he is cutting one thing in his life, it should be alcohol rather than blow jobs.

(translated by Carrie Yang and further edited by KJ)
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Han Han's Magazine Arrives!


The new Han Han magazine has arrived…. Although there’s not a single advertisment in the magazine, it is known as the most generous publication in China—paying  each of the authors 2000 RMB per 1000 words (as you can see from the picture above, that’s basically all of them).

The magazine is a nice mixture of short novels, essays, photographs, commics, etc. But it was quite an disapointment for me not seeing the orginal cool cover picture on the actual copies.

As I look through the magazine, I found the following excerpt very informative. It  is  It’s from Han Han’s own article   I WANT TO TALK TO THIS WORLD (我想和這個世界談談 wo xiang he zhe ge shi jie tan tan). Here is the rough translation (Thank you Katrien for editing it for me):

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HanHan and the Central Organ

All summer long I have been writing my new book People’s Pornography: Sex and Surveillance on the Chinese Internet for Intellect Books. Excerpts and foreplay will follow on this blog until I finally reach academic fame or downfall. In either case, I have been very fortunate to work with Carrie Yang who has helped me researching and scrutinizing Chinese bloggers and sexually explicit media. The book will feature several generations of female and male bloggers who have written about pornography or who have made their own sexually explicit galleries: Muzimei, February Girl, Hooligan Swallow, Sola Aoi, Tiger Temple, Ai wei Wei etc,… 

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Caution, Contract!


I had lunch with my high spirited translators Mu and Carol. I moved on from fried duck and crispy duck skin to duck tongue preserved in egg-shaped jello. The jello-eggs  looked very beautiful but the tongue inside tasted a bit bony, even though my friends called it very “smooth.”  I started my interviews and noticed that people are very cautious about my topics.  Dr. Li Yinhe answered my questions with short answers and reassured me that “there is no actual danger involved” in talking about sex and pornography in China.  But still I feel shadowed by a darker spirit–severity, seriousness and disconnect–when walking and talking about such topics. I have the feeling that 99% of what I care about is located elsewhere and  “underground.”  In the evening I talked to three cosplayers about their adoption of Japanese animation characters and gneder roles. They babbled and giggled a lot but also demanded money and brought along their own contracts. This had never happened to me in my long history of interviewing people.  It made me sad to meet this level of suspicion or absurd self-imposed bureaucracy. Tomorrow I will be interviewing about 15 university students and wonder how we will relate.



First Interview With Siu Ding

Siu Ding agreed to be interviewed on January 10 in my small  apartment with view onto the grand city.  I try to understand people’s personalities by the way they go stand on my balcony and the awe they receive. Siu Ding immediately spent some time there and took a range of pictures with her polaroid camera.

20100109_3c5(Photo by Siu Ding)

She was accompanied by her collaborator Ada Hung who would speak for her whenever there was a 2 or 3 second silence. I asked Siu Ding if we could meet more then once, explaining that I might need more than one session to interview her. She replied on the phone that three sessions would be fine as well. She seems to understand how these things go. Siu Ding and Ada Hung walked into the apartment and took some time to check out my home space environment and all its intimate objects, paying detail to my dolls from various stages of real and fake childhood.  Both Siu Ding and Ada seemed to like my Belgian dolls. They are two home-knit country-style boys with their hands in their pockets. They are usually ignored by visitors because they are a bit out of fashion but they were actually made by a couple of friends of my grandmother.

siuding and ada

After we had dumplings with leek and pork, and Shanghai-style beef on fat transparent rice noodles, I started the interview about her work as an artists and erotic activist. She showed me a little flipbook that she had made during one of her art exhibitions at the Shek Kip Mei arts residency. It shows Siu Ding in a gallery surrounded by her many  portraits and slowly taking off her bra. It is one of the most delicious books that I have ever seen. I asked her why she likes to takes off her bra, as I had seen many (self) portraits showing her breasts, and she answered that she actually takes off anything she likes.

Siu Ding handmade book

She likes to be nude or half-nude and she likes the post-industrial Hong Kong architecture as her artistic backdrop. In another serious of photographs, she is filmed totally nude in front of the many buildings (22) that she has lived in since childhood. It is an ambitious yet warm space that she creates in this project entitled ’22 Morning Street’, where she is cast as a tiny and almost invisible figurine who streaks and poses in front of  morphing urban sceneries.

Siu Ding reached her full digital fame when she acted in the nude for a music video by the local indie band Forever Tarkovsky Club. During the time of this video in december 2008, there was a rumour going around the city that this indie band would actually organize a half-naked christmas party in Foo Tak building in Wanchai. A journalist reported the rumor to the police and the party got cancelled in advance.

Siuding with instrument

We talked about this incident and many topics related to art, nudity, Internet culture and erotic activism.  What I remember today are her comments about what it means to receive support and feedback from Internet users. It is of course always pleasant to be discovered and receive out-of-bounds comments, but what counts even more is the sincere and forceful gestures that feed you but could not be spoken out loud. Of course some comments would be exactly the opposite as people just pay lip service to the latest fad, but overall many commentators do grab the opportunity to say something sweet&special while remaining at a distance. It is so powerful then to develop a personality based on these meaningful whispers of others that could scarcily be recognized  in the material world.  As always, the point of a good friendship or rich event (or a memorable fuck) is to try to capture these gestures into another space. This is not a nostlagic vision that favors the real parties of the past with their unique smells and colors, but wants to go forward. It is about taking our new feedback friends into new liminal zones of deep touch and embrace. Yes, feeling it in the second week of 2010, with all its promises of swan song and deep changes, I know now that it is possible.